The Bored Sporc Rowboat Society

Welcome to the Bored Sporc Rowboat Society Presale Page!

The presale is only available to those select individuals who have earned a place on our exclusive presale list. If you're not on the list, you might as well leave, because you ain't gettin' a Sporc until we open up sales to the general public. If you are on the list, welcome!

    Here's all you gotta do to pre-purchase your Sporc:

  1. The presale price for a Sporc is 100 KringleCoin (KC). Yeah, we know that's crazy cheap, but we take care of our buds. When we open sales to the public, these things are gonna shoot to the moon.
  2. First, you're gonna want to make sure that your wallet address is on the approved list. Just make sure to leave the "Validate only" box checked, fill in the form, and we'll let you know if you're good-to-go. Before you do anything else, it's always good to be sure you're doing everything right and your address is validated as being on the list (it's actually something called a Merkle Tree... very high-techy-techy stuff).
  3. To check if you're on the list, enter your wallet address and the string of proof values that we gave you when we told you that you were on the pre-approved list. Those values should be hex strings (i.e. start with "0x" and consist of a bunch of values that are 0-9 or "a," "b," "c," "d," "e," or "f"). If you're confused, give us a shout and we can help.
  4. If you're not on the presale list, you're not on the list. Don't beg and plead with us to put you on the list. Seriously - we've only put Sporcs that we're tight with on the list. WE decided who's on the list (COOL SPORCS ONLY). We don't just let anyone on. If we were putting you on the list, we would've contacted you... not the other way around.
  5. Once you've confirmed everything works and you're sure you have the whole validated-and-on-the-list thing down, just go find a KTM and pre-approve a 100 KC transaction from the wallet you validated. That way, the funds are ready to go. Our Wallet Address is 0xe8fC6f6a76BE243122E3d01A1c544F87f1264d3a.
  6. Once you've pre-approved the payment, come back here do the same thing you did when you validated your address, just uncheck the "Validate Only" thing. Then, we'll grab your K'Coin, mint a brand spankin' new Sporc, and fire it into your wallet. Zap! Just like that, you'll be the owner of an amazing piece of the digital domain and a member of the Bored Sporc Rowboat Society for life! (Or, until you decide to cash-out and sell your Bored Sporc).

This may take a few moments.